Friday, March 27, 2009

Clean Tech Can Save the Economy

Economic recessions like the one we are in now are like a multi-car wreck on the highway.  When we are in it, all we can see is disaster, and all we feel is fear.  It takes new mechanisms to get us off the road, into the hospital and back home.  Mechanisms like paramedics, ambulances, tow trucks and police.  Likewise, we need new mechanisms to lead us out of the car wreck of the economy.  

New technologies to innovate and develop, which can create new demand and new companies and new jobs.  We as a country can then sell those technologies abroad, rebalancing the trade deficit.  America's strong economic growth has always been driven by technological advancement.  Clean Technologies represent a significant opportunity for a surge of new technological advancement.  The renewable energy playing field is wide open and has applications for every country around the world.  

The "Clean Tech Revolution" will be the movement that takes us out of this global economic depression, and the country that leads that innovation will become the new leader of the global economy.   I think it should be America.

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