Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Really Just A Collective Consciousness

"The Horror ....... the Horror ....... the Horror ...."

Hearing the news today, I am reminded of Col. Kurtz from Apocolypse Now.  With the current news, it is easy to feel like you are sitting in his cave den in the jungle listening to his mantra of becoming "one" with the horror of life.  Not to worry, America will soon rebound from these doldrums and surge again with new ecomonic growth.  Just like we recovered from the "disaster" of Vietnam.  In actuality, this thing we call the "economy" is really just an illusion.  It is the collective consciousness of the people who produce and purchase goods and services.  If that collective consciousness thinks positively, then consumer confidence improves, lenders start lending, people start new businesses and hire new people, and end-consumers start buying again.  If it thinks negatively, then further recession.  We are just having one hell of a hangover from the economic "party" we've been having for the last number of years, and the headache has us in a bad mood.

So, let's stop worrying about the horrors of life, and start viewing the world with a positive attitude, and our collective consciousness will manifest itself into a rebounding economy.

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