Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Right People for the Job

As we continue to suffer through this economic recession and wonder how we will pull ourselves out of it, we should take pause to ponder who are the best people to lead us out of the darkness.

A Golf Analogy: If Tiger Woods slices a drive into the woods and the ball has a difficult lie and is behind trees and bushes, his state of play is certainly challenged. At this point in the game, who then is the best person to try and get the ball back out of trouble and on the green? Should we bring in new "consultants" and forest experts? Or perhaps, should we just give the club back to Tiger and let him get us out of trouble? Tiger is the golf expert, and he is obviously the best man for the job.

As such for our economy. Instead of hiring political experts and recession "czars", we should form a panel of the very same Wall Street and Banking experts that got us into this mess to begin with. They are the financial experts. They have a better understanding of the game than anyone. So, just like Tiger having made a mistake and shanked the ball in the woods, so Wall Street has made a mistake and shanked our economy banking system into trouble. They are not "criminals" .... they just make some mistakes ... and they are learning from those mistakes.
Therefore, no one better to "get us out of the woods" than the very same experts that got us into it. A think tank should be formed from those Wall Street executives, which can brainstorm and discuss ideas to advise the White House on navigating our way to the "green".

And maybe we can all get out of this apparent disaster and save a bogey.

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